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About Our Cheese

The cheese we offer is manufactured with simple methods, yielding a natural, high-quality product. All of the Middlefield cheese is produced with vegetable rennet. The contrast between a mass-produced supermarket cheese and these freshly made traditional cheeses is significant. The Amish cheese is moist, pungent, and flavorful. The cheese is pulled directly from the aging house and hand-cut when your order is received. And, you will not likely find cheese like this at a more family-friendly price.

Our cheeses are similar in price to your local supermarket's in-store brand; the similarity, however, stops there. We offer traditional Amish cheese, 100% grass-fed cheese, goat cheese, and Amish roll butter.

Once you try our cheese, you'll never go back to regular store-bought cheese again! And be sure to let us know what you think by either writing a product review or emailing us!