A Slice of History: The 4,000 Year Love Affair with Cheese

The 4,000-year history of cheese

Grab a wheel of your favorite cheese and get ready to travel back in time to the birth of cheese-making. It all started around 4,200 years ago when some clever nomadic tribes in the Middle East and Central Asia discovered that animal stomachs or bladders could be used to store milk for longer periods. Who knew that the key to preserving milk was...

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Holey Moley: The Fun and Fascinating Science of Swiss Cheese

Where does Swiss cheese get its holes?

Have you ever wondered why Swiss cheese has those iconic holes? They're not just for decoration - those holes actually serve a purpose! Here's the fun and cheesy explanation for how Swiss cheese gets its holes. First things first, let's talk about how Swiss cheese is made. Swiss cheese is a type of cheese that's made by curdling milk and...

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Cheese, oh Cheese, how do they make thee?

How do they make delicious cheese anyway?

Making Amish cheese is a truly delicious adventure that involves eight tantalizing steps. Are you ready to embark on this cheesy journey? Let's go! Step 1: Milk Collection - It all starts with fresh cow's milk, collected by the farmer into milk tins and transported by buggy to the cheese dairy.  Step 2: Heat It Up! - The milk is poured...

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From Protein to Probiotics: Say CHEESE to Good Health!

Is Cheese Healthy?

Cheese: the creamy, salty, delectable treat that's more than just a snack. Cheese is packed with protein, calcium, probiotics, healthy fats, and much more! These benefits make cheese a great choice for anyone looking for a nutritious, satisfying snack. Protein powerhouse: Cheese is loaded with casein, a slow-digesting protein that helps build lean...

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