Start a Simply Cheese Buying Club

Are you tired of paying for shipping on your favorite dairy delights? Want to earn some moo-lah (:1f4b0:) while helping others get our delicious cheese? If so, start a Simply Cheese Buying Club! It's a no-brainer.

Members of our Buying Clubs never have to worry about shipping charges again! They'll get to enjoy the creamy, cheesy goodness of their favorite Amish delectables with the added bonus of free shipping (with no required minimum purchase!).

And Club Coordinators will earn dough for every pound of cheese their Club orders. It's truly a win-win. (:1f64c 1f3fd:)

Contact us for more details about starting your own Buying Club, and let's get this cheesy party started! (:1f9c0:) (:1f389:)