Get ready for a cheese-tastic adventure! Our Cheese Curds are the epitome of freshness and taste. These bite-sized pieces of pure heaven are made from the finest cheddar cheese and are a delightful combination of mild flavor and a fun, squeaky texture. Pop 'em in your mouth and let the party begin!

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Price: $4.56

Price: $4.56
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Middlefield Original Cheese Co-op

    Woo-hoo! Cheese Curds are a party in your mouth! Fresh and fluffy, they're the epitome of cheesy goodness. With their tangy, slightly salty flavor, they'll make your taste buds dance. And when you bite into one, they'll let you know they're there with a satisfying "squeak." A delicacy made by the Amish using traditional methods and local milk, cheese curds are cheddar cheese in its natural, random shape and form before being processed into blocks of cheddar. These curds are a must-try for...