The delicious, cream, salted or unsalted butter from Pearl Valley is unlike anything you've ever tasted. Perfect on bread, in cooking, and for eating by the slice.

Real butter is a delicate product and any extra processing while making it can add undesirable flavors. This butter does not go through large, fast-paced packaging equipment. Instead, it is hand rolled, by real people, into wax paper.

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Price: $9.99

Price: $9.99
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Pearl Valley

    Get ready for some seriously yummy butter! Our hand-rolled butter is so good, you'll want to write a rave review about it. Trust us, other customers have! It comes in a roll form, so you can effortlessly slice and measure the exact amount you need for baking, cooking, or slathering on your favorite bread (or eating by the slice!). Need to watch your salt intake? No problem, our unsalted butter is just as scrumptious (if a little less flavorful) and perfect for all your baking needs! Salted...