The delicious, cream, salted or unsalted butter from Pearl Valley is unlike anything you've ever tasted. Perfect on bread, in cooking, and for eating by the slice.

Real butter is a delicate product and any extra processing while making it can add undesirable flavors. This butter does not go through large, fast-paced packaging equipment. Instead, it is hand rolled, by real people, into wax paper.

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Price: $8.59

Price: $8.59
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Pearl Valley

    This hand-rolled delicious butter is some of the best butter you'll ever taste (Read the reviews!). The butter is shaped into convenient roll form, making it easy to slice and measure for baking, cooking, and spreading on bread (or eating by the slice!). The unsalted variety is not quite as tasty as the salted, but it is perfect for baking or for those who require less salt in their diet. Salted Butter Ingredients: Pasteurized Cream, SaltUnsalted Butter Ingredients: Pasteurized Cream,...