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Fundraising Program

Simply Cheese offers a way for your organization to make money while giving your supporters the chance to taste our delicious cheeses. Our program is simple and profitable. Read the details below, and then contact us to get started!

Fantastic Products -- Simply Cheese offers wholesome Amish cheese made from hormone-free milk at an Amish dairy in Northern Ohio. Your supporters can choose from traditional, grass-fed, or goat-milk cheeses.

Happy Customers -- Your supporters will appreciate the opportunity to purchase Simply Cheese products from your fundraiser. They will be buying delicious, healthy cheese at a price they can afford.

Easy and Profitable -- Your group will make $1.00 per pound profit. You will enjoy how our wonderful cheeses are so easy to sell, and how easy it is to work with Simply Cheese.

Some groups choose to sell at special events such as shows, bazaars, or community celebrations. They purchase items that they want to sell and then set up a table to sell at these high-traffic events. Others sell only to their members and their families; others set up outside a local business and sell to customers. It is up to you.

How Does It Work?

The secret to a successful fundraising campaign is to sell quality products--available only through your group--at a reasonable price. This is how we help you do just that:

  1. Your organization decides to have a fundraising campaign and the sponsor (or group leader) contacts Simply Cheese to get approval for your group.
  2. After approval you will be provided with more information and forms to use in collecting and submitting orders.
  3. When your group has decided the dates of your campaign, contact Simply Cheese at least 1-2 weeks in advance of your order date to let us know you are planning a sale.
  4. Each of your group members takes orders for a suggested period of 10 to 14 days.
  5. Upon ending your campaign, the group leader will collect all orders and submit an order to Simply Cheese, requesting delivery on a date when someone is available to receive it. We will contact you once the items have shipped with a tracking number.
  6. Group members then promptly sort and deliver orders to their individual customers to insure freshness. Since our products are perishable, preparations need to be made for storage and delivery to your customers. If the orders can't be delivered immediately, the cheese needs to be placed in refrigerated storage.


Q: Who is allowed to participate in the Simply Cheese fundraiser program?
A: Any non-profit, civic, or charitable organization, as well as school clubs and sport teams.

Q: For how long should we sell?
A: 10 to 14 days is recommended, but no longer than 4 weeks.

Q: How should we advertise?
A: We suggest putting an ad in the local paper, posting flyers around town, putting announcements on your organization's website or Facebook page, emailing your supporters, getting permission from local businesses to solicit customers as they come in or leave, etc.

Q: How do I store and distribute the products?
A: If possible, your group should make arrangements to deliver the products the same day you receive delivery. The cheese is delivered fresh and should be kept refrigerated at all times. If it cannot be delivered to your customer the day it is received, it must be refrigerated. It can be refrigerated up to 2 weeks before delivery, if necessary.

Q: How do we receive our money?
A: It is up to you to collect payment from your customers when you take orders or deliver their cheese. They will make payment directly to your organization. When your cheese order arrives from Simply Cheese, you will also receive an invoice for the total due by email. You will have two weeks from the date of delivery to distribute the cheese, collect payment, and pay your invoice.

Q: What is the minimum order?
A: The minimum order is $500 (about 70-100 pounds of cheese).

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is free!

If you have any further questions about our program, or if your group is ready to sell Simply Cheese products, please feel free to contact us using our Contact Form.