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Muenster 1lb (93)

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Laubscher Muenster cheese is a cheesy superstar! This American-made cheese packs a punch of mild flavor and a smooth, creamy texture. Perfect for those who love a cheese that goes with everything, Muenster is the melted cheese master, perfect for...
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Upstate NY

Monster Muenster

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  • Yummy
  • Need 5 pound pack.
Where can I begin? Creamy texture. Delicate yet mild flavor. Just the thing for a Monster Muenster Burger with red onion on a toasted roll. Gracious is it delicious. It makes most deli Muenster look sad and pale. Problem with this cheese is that it disappears from the fridge and no one will fess up to eating a half pound and the only remaining box of crackers. Order 2 at least, and install that fridge cam.

Reviews 1-1 of 1