Featuring delicious Guggisberg Baby and Premium Swiss cheeses, along with a smoked variety.

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Baby Swiss by Guggisberg was named the 2019 Champion Cheese at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. It is the original Baby Swiss. It is a delicious semi-soft cheese with a buttery, subtly sweet flavor. Made with whole milk, its shorter curing time results in smaller "eyes" and a milder nature than traditional Swiss cheese. An excellent choice for snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, fondues and recipes. Note: The 4-lb cut is a full wheel. The 1-lb cut is 1/4 of a wheel cut and packaged....

Guggisberg Premium Swiss 1lb
Price: $7.50

Premium Swiss from Guggisberg Cheese. You'll love the pleasantly mild, slightly nutty flavor. Stronger than the Baby Swiss--delicious! Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Cultures, Salt, Rennet